[女子專場 Women Only] 貓樓上。繩語沙龍 Cats Downstairs Rope Salon

18nov18:30:s22:00:s[女子專場 Women Only] 貓樓上。繩語沙龍 Cats Downstairs Rope Salon台北 - 貓樓上 TSC 空中畫布

Event Details

11/18 女子繩縛沙龍! 女子限定! Women’s Rope Salon! WOMEN ONLY!
* 本場次會與 TSC- The Suspended Canvas [空中畫布] 合作 – 裝飾性繩衣小工作坊
TSC由空中自縛吊好手Yisi與我們貓樓的Noir_fix所創力,歡迎追蹤 TSC的IG @thesuspendedcanvas
* We’re presenting a small workshop for decorative rope harnesses at this Women’s Rope Salon, collaborating with TSC- The Suspended Canvas, founded by the aerial self-suspension artist Yisi and our Noir_fix from Cats Downstairs; welcome to follow their official IG: @thesuspendedcanvas

11/26 才是常態繩縛沙龍 Regular Rope Salon

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⚠️ 請仔細閱讀全文。不同意以下理念者,本沙龍謝絕到訪 ⚠️




⚠️報名:請點選 Learn More Link 到 Google 表單
🎟 費用:現場付現 / 亦可匯款轉帳


🗓 時間:
每月舉辦1-3次,請參考社群頁面或行事曆上更多資訊 (表單最後會再呈現一次)。

🌐 地點:
臺北市萬華區近萬大路, 報名成功後地址由E-mail寄送

👁‍🗨 請參與者注意以下幾點:
· 尊重他人身體界限與意願
· 注意自己的狀況,安全第一
· 若我們注意到可能有安全疑慮的行為,將主動提醒參與者稍作調整。
· 繩縛是需要專注進行的活動,周遭有人綁縛時,請保持安靜。
· 除非徵得所有入鏡者同意,否則不得攝影。
· 飲食請在飲食區,飲料不要放地上,保持活動區潔淨。
· 活動期間可自由離場,但希望您準時出席。
· 損害場地行為將依價求償。滴蠟請使用保潔墊。其他請好好丟垃圾桶或回收區。



Cats Downstairs Rope Salon is an event where local rope enthusiasts gather, hangout, and practice. The venue is located at the basement in the Wanhua district. We are open to people of all genders and sexuality. No matter how you identify yourself, you can speak and present yourself freely and safely here, on the ground that you provide equal respect to all other participants. We INSIST that every participant must respect other participant’s boundaries, and informed consent must be obtained before any activities commence.

The venue provides a variety of suspension equipment, including suspension points, straps, carabiners, mats, and bamboos. We have a very cool playlist to contribute to your awesome rope session. We have also prepared some tea and snacks for you to enjoy the music with. You are welcome to bring your favorite Sunday treats too. We encourage everyone to bring their own ropes, but if you don’t have any, we have some stock available for you as well, but they may be occupied if we’re crowded.

Rope lovers of all levels are welcome since the event does NOT require prior experience or exposure. We are more than happy to share some brief history and knowledge of rope bondage with you. You can also just hang out and observe, make new friends with the kinksters 🙂

⚠️Register: click Learn More Link >> Sign up form
🎟 Entrance fee
Cash at the door, or bank/wire transfer.

2024 Fore-notice:
If you have a record of no-show, we will send you a transfer request to book your slot.
Upon booking there’s no refund if you don’t show up.

🗓 Date & Time
We typically hold 1-3 events per month.
See our social accounts and calendar for the latest event dates.
(Links will be shown again at the end of this registration)

🌐 Location
Near Wanda Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City. The location will be sent per email if your registration is successful.

👁‍🗨 Friendly Heads-up
– Respect the personal boundaries of every participants. Informed consent must be obtained before any activities commence.
– Safety is the first priority. And while we strife to make sure that every shibari sessions happened in our salon are safe, your safety and boundaries are your own responsibility.
– If we notice something that concerns us about your safety or the safety of others, we will gently let you know and might ask you to adjust your behavior.
– Shibari requires a strong level of concentration. Keep your voice down when people around you are tying.
– Photography is prohibited unless explicit consent is granted by all relevant parties involved.
– Stay in the snacking area for food or beverages, do not leave drinks on the floor, keep the action area clean.
– It’s advisable to arrive at the event on-time. You may leave and return to the venue at will during the event time.
– Compensation shall be claimed if your action caused any damage caused to any equipment/items available. When doing wax-play, place a waterproof protector sheet under your partner. Put the trash in the trashcan or the recycle bin.



(Saturday) 18:30:s - 22:00:s