TSC- 人體素描- 空中環 Life Drawing: Aerial Hoop

25feb13:40:s15:40:sTSC- 人體素描- 空中環 Life Drawing: Aerial Hoop貓樓上支部 - The Suspended Canvas 空中畫布

Event Details

Join us for a relaxed and captivating 2-hour life drawing session! Yisi will be modelling with a hoop in the air. The price is 500 ntd or 800 for 2 people. Please arrive 5-10 min early, thank you!

一起來個輕鬆的兩小時寫生課!Yisi將使用空中環帶來有趣的形狀姿勢讓您用畫筆捕捉。價格為500 NTD,兩人優惠價800。請記得提前5-10分鐘入場,謝謝!

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About the event

🖌️ All Skill Levels Welcome: Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting, this session is open to everyone. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try something new or refine your skills in a comfortable setting.

🖌️ 歡迎各種程度的技術:無論你是資深藝術家還是初學者,本課程對所有人開放。這是一個嘗試新事物或在舒適環境中提升技巧的絕佳機會。

🎨 Please bring your own art supplies, including sketchbooks, pencils, charcoals, and any other mediums you prefer. There are chairs and stools available on site. While you’re welcome to move to find the perfect view, please be considerate of fellow artists and avoid blocking their view.

🎨 請攜帶自己的繪畫工具,包括素描本、鉛筆、炭筆和其他你偏好的媒材。現場提供椅子和凳子. 讓你在課程期間可以彈性選擇角度。雖然你可以移動以找到最佳視角,但請考慮其他藝術家的感受,避免阻礙他們的視線。

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(Sunday) 13:40:s - 15:40:s