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03nov18:00:s22:00:s貓樓上。繩語沙龍台北 - 貓樓上

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有任何需求想法歡迎您告知工作人員,我們樂於提供協助,也鼓勵您多與其他同好交流認識新朋友,大家都很樂於交流各種圈內資訊!如果你只想靜靜地觀看也完全可以喔 ????



另外,請不要把衛生紙或其他異物丟到馬桶裡面因為這個建築老舊!需要你我一起維護啊!謝謝 ????

Email- [email protected]

不限,不過還是希望您準時出席 ,這樣我們才不用一直跑來跑去開門 ????
活動時間是 18:00~22:00(21:45開始收繩)


– 尊重他人身體界限與意願
– 注意自己的狀況,安全第一
– 主辦人不提供課程教學,但會分享繩縛的五四三 ????
– 這是自由練習的空間,你必須為自己的行為負責,尤其是你自己造成的個人安危問題/意外,我們不負責。
– 若我們注意到可能有安全疑慮的行為,將主動提醒參與者稍作調整。
– 若您的行為經評估是妨礙或騷擾他人,勸阻無效後我們會請您離場。
– 保持安靜,在練繩空間注意不影響他人。現場有聊天區可以自由講話。
– 為保護個人隱私,若欲拍照請勿拍到其他人。

Welcome to join Cats Downstairs Rope Salon. This is a space for shibari practice and experience sharing; welcome to bring along your partner! If this is your first time attending the event, we will give you a brief introduction and some basic notes/safety talk about rope bondage.

Due to the old AC we will limit the attendees. We will stop letting people in after the 20th attendee and announce “FULL” in our facebook fan page:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or talk to the hosts; we’re more than happy to answer any of your questions! Also we encourage you to reach out and make new friends; it’s good that we can share different thoughts and may inspire new sparkles! But it’s totally ok if you wanna stay quiet and watch ????

The space is for all genders and sexualities. No matter how you identify yourself, you can speak and present yourself freely and safely here with respect to yourself and others. Any kind of discrimination is not allowed. We do insist that you communicate and act with everyone’s consent. Do ask us any questions you have – we’re happy to listen!

The space offers suspension points, straps, carabiners, some mats, and bamboo. There is also some tea and snacks for you to enjoy the music with. You’re welcome to bring your favorite food too, and we encourage everyone to bring their own ropes, but if you don’t have any, we have some stock available for you as well, but they may be occupied if we’re crowded.

It’s funny but we do need to remind you to NOT litter anything into the toilet, including toilet paper. The facility is rather old so please help maintain it… Thanks! ????

Near Taipei Cinema Park in Ximen, Wanhua District, Taipei City. Friends who know the location can come directly. Newcomers please fill in the contact form below or email us directly for the location.
Google Form:
Email: [email protected]

Door Open
There’s no certain hours for entering but we hope you could show up around the first hour so we don’t need to rush up and down for the door all the time.
Session is from 18.00 to 22.00; we’d kindly ask you to start sorting your belongings around 21:45
There are no certain hours for entering but we won’t accept more than 20 people.

Cash only.
Regular: NT$250
Students: NT$200 with valid student ID

Friendly Heads-up
– Respect others’ body limits and consent.
– Mind your own status and limits. Safety first.
– Organizers do not arrange any lessons, however some chitchat about shibari/ rope bondage is for sure ????
– This is a free practice space. You have to be responsible for your own acts, and your OWN SAFETY. We DO NOT take responsibilities for any incidents/accidents caused by yourself.
– If we notice something that concerns us about your safety or the safety of others, we will gently let you know and might ask you to adjust your behavior.
– If your behavior is considered assaulting or disturbing for others, we’ll ask you to leave after notice not taken.
– The action area is for rope/shibari practices and we’d like to keep it quiet. Please mind your surroundings and do not bother people in practice. We have a chatting area for you to talk and relax freely.
– We respect everyone’s privacy, so you should too. If needed, please only take pictures of your own rope work and exclude others unless they agree to participate.



(Sunday) 18:00:s - 22:00:s