Avalon & Lizz 繩縛表演 Shibari performance

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很高興邀請到來自墨爾本的繩師、表演者 Avalon!
We are very glad to welcome the rope artist and performer Avalon from Melbourne for a serie of workshops and a performance.

日期: 07/06 週五 – 20:00
地點 草御殿 Ivy Palace
費用: NTD 800, 現場付費

現場提供售票服務,由於場地空間及座位有限,若要保留您的位置,麻煩請來信至 [email protected] 訂購


義大利/澳洲繩師 Avalon 以其感性與細心的繩縛著名。他已參與 BDSM 活動 20 餘年,自從 80 年代在巴黎看過一場繩縛表演後,就被日式繩縛內在的美感吸引著。

Avalon 的繩縛有兩極的風格。其中一端注重深度連結並探索各種感官層面,也可說是雪村春樹的風格。另一端是較嚴峻的、藉由擠壓、兩難、適度的身體與心理壓力達到的「責繩」。這種繩縛的難度可視受縛者調整,可說是喜多川老師的風格。這包含心理層面的操作,也是 Avalon 特別擅長的。

現代舞和繩縛雙向表演者。喜歡使用肢體行為探討環境議題、自然與人之連結以及身為雙性戀女性BDSMer的個人經驗。2013在台北初次接觸繩縛之後深受吸引,除了在台灣之外於歐洲多國開啟繩縛與探索之路,並於2016於希臘雅典第一次表演被縛。其他代表作包括2017台北藝穗節《寵物的生物本能》; 2014《和大樹一起呼吸II》。


DATE : 07/06 週五 starts at 20:00
PLACE: 草御殿 Ivy Palace
FEE: NTD 800 at the door

Tickets will be sold at the door in the limit of available stocks. Nevertheless, if you want to make a reservation and pay your ticket in advance, please send an email to [email protected]

This a unique occasion to see an amazing performance of one of the best current rope master.

Avalon is an Italian-Australian rigger known for his sensual and attentive bondage. He has been involved in BDSM for over 20 years and has been fascinated by the intrinsic beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage since seeing a Japanese bondage show in Paris in the late 80′s.

Avalon’s rope has two extreme styles, on one end it is geared towards deep connection with one’s partner and exploring all sensory aspects of sensual tying, Haruki Yukimura style if you like, at the other end of the scale, it is a harder styled rope, that he defines, non impact ” semenawa”, this is achieved with constriction, predicament, with a good dose of physical and psychological stress, it can be very trying and this style of rope can be very hard or not so extreme, the levels are actually measured to the person being tied, Kitagawa sensei style.

Lizz is a Taiwanese performance artist and rope dancer. She was trained as a contemporary dancer and was introduced to Shibari world in 2013. Since then, she has been exploring BDSM and learning Shibari and self-suspension between Europe and Taiwan. Her works often dealt with human-nature interaction and personal experience as a bisexual female BDSMer. Her past performance includes Her Instinct (2017) Taipei Fringe Festival; Ropegasms (2016) in Athens; Breathing Tree II (2014) in Taipei.



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草御殿 Ivy Palace