Juju繩縛沙龍 ~ Juju rope salon

08jul19:00:s21:45:sJuju繩縛沙龍 ~ Juju rope salon台北 - Juju

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[english below]

爲了繩縛工作坊,19:00開始 (到21:45)

如果有問題請傳訊給Julien Kotobuki或活動頁面, 我們會下樓開門。
我們的目標是提供一個溫暖且安全 的環境,邀請參與者們分享此空間,彼此尊重並互相學習。 這裡可以喝茶,聊天,探索與進行繩縛。 這是完全自由的練習,希望大家為自己的行為負責。 當天並無安排教學,沙龍旨在使彼此能從互相交流中學習到更多。



注意自己的狀況、界線 (爲自己負責)
保持安靜,在練繩空間注意不影響他人。 現場有聊天區可以自由講話。
* 為保護個人隱私,若欲拍照請勿拍到其他人。

The rope salon is a space where people can come and freely practice Shibari, the art of Japanese erotic rope bondage.

—the rope salon of the 8th will start later due to the workshop:

Due to the rope workshop this day, the Jam will start a bit later
19:00 to 21:45
Special Price:
150 NTD for everyone

No. 10, Lane 91, Section 2 of WuChang St., WanHua Dist., Taipei
(the door is in the small alley on the side, Alley 8, Lane 90, Section 2, Hankou St)
There is doorbell, so you can just come and ring the doorbell, someone will open to you. The door is in the small alley at the address.

You can also send a message to the facebook page julien kotobuki when you are at the door or if you have any problems.

Our aim is to provide a warm and safe environment where participants are invited to share the space with respect and kindness. They can talk over tea, discover and practice Shibari. It is a non supervised practice where everyone is responsible for their actions. No teaching will be given by the organizers.
This space is sex positive and most notably open space for all genders and sexualities. In whatever way you identify yourself, where ever you come from and whatever your preferences are, you are welcome. There is no room for discrimination of any kind.
We’ll be there to welcome you, whether you speak Chinese, English or even French.
There are multiple suspension points and bamboo, dance mats, tea and (good) music. You may bring your own food.
We can lend some ropes for people who don’t have their own (in the limit of the available stock).

The golden rules are:
– Respect others’ limits and consent.
– Respect your own limits (you’re responsible for yourself).
– If we think your play is unsafe, we may kindly let you know and ask you to adjust your behavior.
– We want to keep a quiet environment, so you’re invited to be careful about your conversation on the rope practice space. There is a chatting area where you can talk freely.

* Pictures are strictly limited to your own rope work, do not photograph other people, we will be very careful to ensure that everyone’s privacy is respected.

Thanks to 舒猛睿 and Shin Nawakiri for the chinese translation
Cover photo by Alex Bakushi



(Sunday) 19:00:s - 21:45:s